What are Backlinks On A Website: How to Earned Backlinks in 2022?

What are Backlinks On A Website

What are Backlinks On A Website: Backlinks are the essential aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Without quality backlinks, you can not beat your competitors. Backlinks help to build your page authority and domain authority and boost your organic traffic. However, if you run a website, then you have to look at all the aspects such as content, meta tags, keyword, and backlinks.

Backlinks affect your search engine optimization and your SERP ( Search Engine Results Page) ranking. Search Engines like google, bing use algorithms to collect your site information, and they use bots to crawl your site for content and backlinks. So, today we will share with you what are Backlinks? -And Why they are Still Important in 2022.

What are Backlinks On A Website?

Backlinks, also known as “inbound” or “incoming link”-are simply links that point to your site from another website. For example- If, (Website-A) write about “best shoes for men” and links to a blog post “best shoes for men under 1000” (Website-B), then Website-B earned a backlink from Website-A. There are two types of backlinks do-follow and no-follow backlinks.

i). Do-follow Backlinks:- These links help in terms of search engine optimization to send the authority of the linked site to the destination site. This passing authority is called “link juice”. Dofollow backlinks help to increase your site’s domain authority which in term helps improve keyword ranking.

ii). No-follow Backlinks:- There is very importance of backlinks in SEO. But no-follow backlinks are the types of links that do not pass any authority or link juice to the website it is linking to. These links are not helpful in terms of SEO but still, you have to maintain the ratio of 70:30 between do-follow and no-follow links.

How Backlinks are Earned?

Earning backlinks is very important for your off-page SEO. It gives a boost to your site ranking in SERP ( Search Engine Results Page). Also, it increases the Domain Authority and Trust Flow of your site. Here, I discussed four ways to earn backlinks for your site-

  • Natural Link Building:- These types of links are healthy and safest for your website. These backlinks are made without any action on the part of the site owner. In simple words, other site owners link your pages to relevant content on their website and give you a natural backlink. To get natural backlinks in SEO, you have to write quality and unique articles.
  • Broken Link Building:- This is another method for getting backlinks for SEO. Broken links are the types of links found on other websites that are broken and that point to a non-existing page (404-error). You can use SemRush or Ahrefs to find out broken links, and inform the site owner to replace the broken link with your link.
  • Guest Posting:- This is the process where you publish/ submit an article to another website as a guest writer. Just you have to find a niche related to you that allows guest post, and write a unique and quality article around 1500 /2000 words and submit it to the website with your one or two do-follow backlinks.
  • Self-Created Backlinks:- These types of backlinks are often created by the site owner who manually adds a link into the forum, blog comment, directories. This is the easiest way to get backlinks in SEO. Though it is one of the easiest ways many of the links are spammy and the tactics tend towards “black hat SEO” strategies that negatively impact your SEO.

Why Backlinks are Important?

Backlinks are important for search engine optimization (SEO) because it gives a signal to the google that another resource finds your content valuable to link it to their own content. Simply, backlinks act as a vote of trust, and search engines considered that the websites that possess more backlinks with unique articles deserved to be in the higher position in the Google SERPs ( Search Engine Results Page).


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